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Humanity always faces a dilemma. In fact, many worthless lives are composed of a number of sequential dilemmas. One after another, the mind makes problems and confusing predicaments out of thin air. What is this for? Maybe it entertains, interests. Gives the poor in heart something to occupy themselves with.

My life is a dilemma. I will tell you what this dilemma is, plainly and concisely. I am an animal with a human mind. I cannot relate to anything, and if I can, I am only fooling myself. Men are lucky. Even if they rape and murder and fill their tummies with poisions, they can still go outside and breathe that fresh air, and feel like they’ve been rejuvinated and reborn a natural man. I have no such opportunity.

But, despite my situation, I still find ways to continue, to try to see some goodness. I have a friend…his name is Bakey Man. He is so stupid. But it’s alright for him, because he is so stupid that he does not realize what he is. Bakey Man…what is he? Is he a human? To this day I am not sure. His face is always covered with a rag, with a hole cut out so he can smoke cigars. But he does not smoke them with arrogance, like a man. He smoke with innocence.

I may not seem like a very welcoming figure. After all, I do spend most of my time in a hole brooding to myself, eating my rations and cursing the sad days ahead. But if you do not look down on me because I am a lame, depressed creature, you may begin to understand the gifts I hold for the human race. Because although I am just a mule, a old, domesticated ani-mule, not even fit to live in this wilderness, I possess the skill of prophecy. For if you people see the destruction you are heading to, perhaps you will change your ways. Listen to me, your old and humble Quiet Mule. Or it’ll be too late. It’ll be too late.

This Tumblr is my life.